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  3 New Years Eve Party Tips
Sunday, December 26, 2010

by Steven v. H. Shaffer

Here are three quick, easy tips to making your New Year's Eve holiday party planning easier and less stressful. 

1. Serve It Simple
New Year's Eve food should be fun and simple. This is not the night for a full fledged meal; you want your guests to be awake for the singing of “Auld Lang Syne”. You should plan on six to eight different finger foods and ten to fourteen 'bites' per person. If you do opt for a dinner party, you can cut down to three or four appetizers at four to five 'bites' per person prior to dinner.

2. Bake It Easy
You don't have to make everything from scratch. You can mix in some premade items along with your Aunt Mae's famous spinach dip. This will help to relieve some stress, especially if you are pressed for time or just don't enjoy cooking and baking. Some great premade items can be found at your local deli, items such as deli cut meat and cheese trays, fruits and vegetable trays and dips, cheeseballs and crackers, chicken fingers, finger sandwiches, gourmet sandwich trays...just to name a few.

3. Share the Fun
Remember that family and friends are there to help, so don't do everything yourself. If they ask you if they can help, take them up on it. If they offer to bring something, give them direct suggestions. That way you don't end up with two cheese trays (unless you need two). You may also want to consider suggesting they bring party supplies or serving utensils such as plates, glasses or serving platters; anything you may need.

Let Us Help
Remember that Chappy's Deli is open until 2pm on New Year's Eve at all of our locations and until 2pm on New Year's Day at our Perry Hill and Peppertree location in Montgomery.  Check out Chappy's Deli Catering Menu to see how we can help with your holiday party planning needs.

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