FRONTLine Partnership 

with Chappy’s Deli

Brighten the day for the folks who need it the most…Frontliners at Hospitals, Covid Units, First responders, EMA, ADPH and more. Your contribution will help us keep more of our crew working while feeding the FrontLine Heroes. Helping us all!


How it works:

  1. Donate any amount you would like.
  2. Chappy’s will increase your donation by 10% (example… you donate $100…$110 of food will be delivered).
  3. We will coordinate with Frontliners and rotate deliveries between them. Or call (334) 277-6590 for specific requests.
  4. We will call the units and deliver their favorites… from Box Lunches, to Red Velvets, Cookies to Breakfast and more.
  5. We will report on Facebook where we’ve been and what was delivered.


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